Automatic masturbator equipped with a back-and-forth counter. Very easy to use, it provides very intense pleasure thanks to its multiple vibration modes: 8 in total!

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Chrono trainer
Mode Chrono trainer

8 Modes
of Vibration

Mode Chrono trainer


Mode Chrono trainer


90 minutes of use

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This is a latest generation sex toy for adults, imported into France exclusively by the VirilBooster site.
Equipped with 8 vibration modes, it provides very intense pleasure that is hard to resist!
Its integrated battery allows up to 1h30 of use per charge.

Beyond the intensity of pleasure it provides, it's the perfect sex toy for training to ejaculate more slowly.
Indeed, unlike classic masturbation, its features put you in conditions close to real sexual intercourse.
So you can train, challenge yourself, and break personal bests.

The Chrono Trainer is sold exclusively on the site Viril Booster.
You can buy it alone, or at a reduced price with a cure of Male Perf, the French male stimulant which celebrates its 10th anniversary this year!

8 Vibration Modes

The Chrono Trainer is a fun device specially designed for men.

To change mode,
press the button
To change mode,
press the button
Mode Chrono trainer
Each new press triggers
different vibrations that
will vigorously stimulate
your session.
Each new press activates
different vibrations which
will vigorously stimulate
your session.
Digital counter that
counts in real time
the number of return trips during
your session.
Digital counter that
counts in real time
the number of return trips during
your session.
Mode Chrono trainer

Last longer

Train to last longer.
Fun, you can measure your
progress thanks to the integrated counter!

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Vocal prompts

Spend pleasant moments in the company of a female voice that accompanies you during your session.
Headphones included.

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Accompany your
masturbatory session with realistic
vocal encouragement that
literally plunges you
into a frenzied coitus.
Accompany your
masturbatory session with realistic
vocal encouragement that
literally plunges you
into a frenzied coitus.
Mode Chrono trainer
Double stimulus Chrono trainer

Double Stimulus Aspirations / Contractions

Membrane élastomère Chrono trainer

Thermoplastic elastomer membrane (TPE)

Chargement USB-C Chrono trainer

USB-C charging in 60 minutes

Mode Chrono trainer

Online challenges included

Weekly tips and challenges reserved exclusively for Chrono Trainer customers.

Integrated score management! The best way to see your progress and never lose your motivation.

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As a user of the Chrono Trainer, you will have access to many tips and weekly challenges to train you to masturbate for longer. This is why the Chrono Trainer can contribute to slower ejaculation during 'a sexual intercourse'

They will be sent to you by email, in your order confirmation.

- An exclusive 6 week program of challenges to be won.
- A dynamic Scoreboard to keep your scores in memory.
- The method to calculate your Masturbatory Capacity.
- Never-before-seen advice on masturbation and pleasure.

The Masturbatory Capacity is a personal score that it is important to know to situate yourself and set a goal for the desired duration of your sexual intercourse. In other words, the Masturbatory Capacity measures your endurance, and will increase as you successfully pass the 6 weeks of challenges.

The challenges of Member Access, created to be used with the Chrono Trainer, can contribute to controlling your erections, and therefore your ejaculations. It is in any case with this objective that the Chrono Trainer and its challenges have been created!
Modes Chrono trainer

Challenges related to vibrations

Modes Chrono trainer

Save your high scores

Modes Chrono trainer

Will you be the best?

Technical characteristics

Dimensions Chrono trainer
  • Arguments Chrono trainer Silent motor of only 65 decibels maximum
  • Arguments Chrono trainer 8 vibration modes, back and forth counter, vocal encouragement
  • Arguments Chrono trainer The Chrono Trainer is very addictive!

Soft thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) membrane, ABS plastic outer shell.

Noise rating
Up to 65 decibels.

73mm (D) x 215mm (H)

8 vibration modes, back and forth counter, interactive voice prompts.

The Chrono Trainer is not waterproof.

1 x Chrono Trainer
1 x USB-C charging cable
1 x pair of USB-C headphones
1 x user manual in French
Démarrage rapide Chrono trainer

Easy to use

Press the center button to turn on the Chrono Trainer.

Press the center button again to choose one of the 8 vibration modes.

Optional: plug in the USB headphones to hear the various vocal encouragements.

Each movement back and forth increments the counter by 1: set goals and beat records, or follow tutorials in the protected space to train your endurance.

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